Rolex Submariner is the most famous diving replica watches

The wild beauty of the ocean and the dream of conquering it have been the inspiration for many famous works of literature or true works of art. In addition to this trend, the replica watches industry has seen the birth of many models inspired by the vast ocean.

It may be that the Frank Muller Vanguard Yachting watch has a compass as an image that appears on the dial. It is also possible that Rolex and Panerai have been obsessed with professional equipment that can dive deep, and then both brands have introduced timepieces that can withstand waves of hundreds of meters. . Submariner or Submersible both carry the dream of conquering the ocean. Luckily, in November, Gerber Luxury welcomed a number of models created in the calm and rich waters of the sea, and here are 3 of the best models!

Without a doubt, the Submariner is the most famous diver's watch in watchmaking. The Submariner line of replica watches was launched by the Rolex brand in 1953 (probably 1954 in many references) and is considered the first replica watch to be water resistant to 100m. Soon after, Rolex increased the water resistance of the Submariners to 200m, and now to 300m. The Submariner may not be the best diver's watch in the Rolex family, but it is the most striking model and important watch in Rolex history.

From the dial to the bezel of the Submariner 41 ref. The 126610LN is all black, similar to the original design from 70 years ago. The new model differs in the case size, the manufacturer has increased the case diameter of the Submariner 41 ref. 126610LN to 41mm and customization of related parts. So when upgrading the size, details like forks or straps, Submariner 41 ref. The 126610LN is a sudden return to a classic design, unlike the 116xxx replica watches produced in the previous generation, whose Maxi case feels larger at 40mm even though it is less than 1mm in diameter.

The next difference is the replica Rolex Submariner 41 ref. The new 126610LN in 2020 is the factory equipped with the company's most advanced and upgraded movement. The Calibre 3235 replaced the 3135 movement that had been used in Submariner watches for 30 years. Equipped with a new-generation movement, the replica Rolex Submariner 41 ref. 126610LN can operate reliably and accurately within 70 hours with an error of +/-2 seconds per day.